The Airport Quest

My second travel book which will bring a light-hearted look at my experiences on over 100 flights in 5 years.

I’m fortunate enough to be able to use my air miles for frequent upgrades. I have seen some of the best (and worst) claims of first class service.

As we are all working from home at the moment and travel could be some time away, I am giving this ebook away for free. I just ask for a tweet or Facebook share if you like it!

Guess where I am?

“I’m on a transatlantic flight from DFW International to London and I have managed to blag myself a free upgrade to business class as the flight is fairly empty.

The lay flat beds are amazing, the ability to sit at a bar in mid air still amazes me. But we are on an overnight flight and soon I try and get some sleep. But despite the engine noise, the giant in the pod next to me is snoring so loud there are several of us laughing”.

What’s In The Book?


My personal opinion on over 11 different airlines. How the different classes on the airlines compare


On my travels I have passed through over 25 different airports. Some as fantastic and some are terrible. I compare (lightheartedly) how to make the most out of even the worst airports.

First Class Lounges

I always go to specific lounges on my flights, whether they are the business lounges when I upgrade / blag a free upgrade or pay for a mid level lounge. I rate all of them on their service, food and drink.

The first 300 downloads will get the Ebook for free. After this, “The Airport Quest” will be available on as soon as it has finished printing.

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